Older people roll up their sleeves with the fourth dose against covid and lead by example


By Almudena Álvarez |
Palencia (EFE).- Hilaria, Celsa, Trini, Carmen, Pedro or José are among the 42,000 elderly people who are in residences in Castilla y León and who this Monday, without a moment’s hesitation, rolled up their sleeves to receive the fourth dose of the covid vaccine with the seasonal flu vaccine, ready to set an example for the rest of the population.

“If you have to get vaccinated, it’s done,” assured EFE Celsa Martínez, one of the first women vaccinated at the San José de Palencia nursing home, where the double vaccination against covid and flu began this Monday in Castilla y Lion.

They are part of the group of 42,000 institutionalized elderly people to whom the Castilla y León health service began this Monday to administer the fourth dose of the vaccine against covid and the one that protects against seasonal flu.

In Palencia, 4,280 elderly and disabled people who are in residences, including the 32 elderly people of the San José residence who have been chosen to pose in front of the cameras and demonstrate, as on other occasions, the courage of those who have always been the first and those responsible for setting an example for the rest of the population.

In some cases it was difficult to administer the puncture, because they were lined with clothes, some let out a grimace of pain, and there were even those who resisted a little, but in general the majority, with the accumulated experience of the previous times, he took it very calmly and even with a little joy, due to the “ambience” that this morning had in the residence.

“Well, let’s go for the pictures,” commented Isabel Ciruelo, posing with a smile for all the photographers who wanted to immortalize the moment of the double puncture.

“How am I going to say no if my daughter is a nurse? »

Celsa Martinez

The same smile that gave Trinidad Félix by ensuring that at 97 years old, this fourth dose should last forever. And Carmen Nieto, who was vaccinated more calmly and smiling than anyone, because she did it under the watchful eye of her daughter, one of the employees of the retirement home, who kept telling her to how brave she was and how much she loved him.

The San José rest home in Palencia is a
including this Monday the vaccination of
against covid, in its fourth dose, second booster, and against seasonal flu, within the group of the first 42,000 vulnerable institutionalized in Castilla y León who will receive this double protection. EFE / Almudena Alvarez

“How am I going to say no if my daughter is a nurse?” Celsa Martínez told EFE that she criticized those who preferred not to be vaccinated because they were afraid: “it’s their problem, but come on, it doesn’t hurt at all”.

“I always get vaccinated on the left because I always lie down on the right, so as not to hurt myself,” said Teódula Rodríguez, who at “95 and a half years old” assured that “every time they are vaccinated, I was vaccinated and nothing ever happened”, he therefore asked the most fearful to “be brave like the others, that nothing happens”.

Josefa Gutiérrez said the same, who was vaccinated every time and “they never hurt me or hurt me”.

And Pedro who made those who didn’t want to be vaccinated ugly: “it’s not good not to be vaccinated, they miss out”.

And José Esteban who has never had a problem or fear but appeals to everyone’s freedom: “It has always suited me, but everyone must do what they want”.

Combines Wuhan and Omicron strains

“It is a new vaccine with the original Wuhan strain and the omicron strain which is the predominant in 75% of infections in Castilla y León,” nursing director Pilar Solis explained to reporters.

For this reason, she and the medical director, Teresa Cuesta, encouraged the population to get vaccinated and receive this fourth dose “because it is a booster dose and it is adapted to the dominant strains currently in Castilla y León”.

But above all because “it has been shown that the number of admissions has decreased” and that “with the vaccine the lethality of the disease has decreased”.

In addition to evaluating the interest of putting the two vaccines together, the fourth dose of covid and influenza, “because one reinforces the immunogenic power of the other and because of the agility in vaccination” .

Another person vaccinated in the San José rest home, in Palencia. EFE / Almudena Alvarez

In this way, the administration of the fourth dose of the vaccine against covid and the one that protects the most vulnerable population of the Community against seasonal flu, approximately 42,000 elderly and disabled people who are in retirement homes and their caregivers.

After the institutionalized people, the vaccination of the over 80s living at home will begin to continue with the over 60s.

In total, almost 800,000 Castilian-Leonese are likely to receive the second pandemic booster dose, in accordance with the criteria adopted for the entire national health system. ECE

Web edition: Oscar R. Ventana


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