oh! Logan Paul shares footage of the punch that broke his arm and jeopardized his boxing career


BUTall fans Logan Paul I know he loves a challenge and he couldn’t resist playing with a punching machine when he visited a bar in Germany.

But I saw one blow Logan Paul broke his third metacarpal bone and for four months could not clench his right hand into a fist.

This was a major problem for those who wanted to break into the boxing world, but he learned from the incident and even shared footage of the moment he broke his hand.

“Here’s a video of me breaking my arm in Germany,” his Instagram post began.

“The bartender warned me. This was my sixth attempt to beat the high score that was apparently set by the bar owner (I think he cheated and took the bat). My ego got the better of me. and I refused to lose.

“Right next to the car there was a large cement column and I stumbled upon it while passing through.

“A week later I had surgery, and now there is a 40mm screw in the center of my third metacarpal bone, which I broke into pieces.

“Without being able to use my right hand, I had to become left-handed for a while. Do you want a challenge? Wipe your butt with your non-dominant hand. Nightmare.

“After four months of physical therapy, I was finally able to clench my fist again and now I am 100 percent, but wow, what an unnecessary accident.

“However, I am always grateful when life tests my ego every year. Perhaps this is part of the trials and tribulations of an ardent young man.”

Paul also added that “the worst thing about it” was that he didn’t even break the record and that the hit was actually his lowest score of the night.


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