Officially, Steph Curry is the greatest shooter in NBA history.



11/13/2021 –

I amthis is no longer a goal for Steph Curry, tonight he became the best three-point leader in the history of his incredible game. against the Chicago Bulls… Fate wanted Warriors‘# 30 to beat this figure against Michael Jordan team and walk past Ray Allen, a contemporary of MJ. Before today’s game Curry 3 350 three pointers below Ray Allen 3358.

In previous conversations with the press, Steph has always stated that one of his biggest career goals has been to beat Allen on that particular metric. It was already clear that Golden State Warriors The protagonist would probably have destroyed Allen’s numbers, but it was unthinkable to do so when he entered the second youth of his career.

When you just look at a number, you might think CurryAchievement is impressive, but not overwhelming until you see the games it made it to. Allen got to this record by playing 1.471 games between the regular season and the playoffs. Get it. It only took Steph 886 games to surpass one of his childhood idols.

The situation changes a little when you add stats after the season, where Allen still beats Curry 2 973-2896… But at the pace at which he goes, those 78 3s he has left will appear in no time to properly claim the throne as the greatest. But in everyone’s mind Steph is already the greatest shooter ever to decorate Nba

Can Steph beat Michael Jordan?

In the modern era of basketball Michael Jordan the only player to leave his team to six championships with Chicago bulls… Steph showed excellent results early in his professional career, winning three out of four. NBA Finals with Warriors… After a short break, Steph is already thinking about the next big record that he has to break.

Win three more championships to match Jordansix rings and four to surpass him will be all Curry thinks from now on. Knowing how he acts, there is no chance that he will not be able to crack the throne of the greatest basketball player who ever lived. After today’s new record, Curry has definitely proven that he has what it takes to sit at the same table with the world’s greatest players.

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