Office Cleaning Tips Before You Hire a Cleaner


Offices can become untidy and disorganized. Here are some helpful Office Cleaning Tips. Before you hire a cleaner, consider these simple steps to make the place squeaky clean:

Cleaning communal areas:

One way to improve employee morale and productivity is to hire an office cleaner. A 2010 study by OfficeTeam found that 44% of workers disdain having to clean other people’s mess. This fact may not surprise you, but hiring a cleaning service will help you improve the morale of your staff and ensure that your workplace is a welcoming place for your staff and customers. If you have trouble finding a cleaning company, here are a few suggestions for hiring a cleaner.

Communication is key. Whether you use signs in office cleaning communal areas or mass emails to your staff, make sure everyone knows about your plan. Some employees need a little encouragement to keep their work space clean, so make sure you make your plan clear and easy to remember. Remind them of the health risks associated with a dirty workplace. If you want to keep everyone happy, consider having a team meeting or training your staff on proper cleaning procedures.

Cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces:

Keeping your office clean is vital to the success of your business, but it’s important to pay special attention to the areas you can’t reach. For example, it’s important to clean the gridwork between ceiling tiles and textures, which can collect debris, moisture, and pathogens. In addition, the gridwork itself can rust over time, so professional office cleaning companies can help you restore these areas to their original condition.

Cleaning overhead lighting:

Before you begin cleaning the bulbs and light fixtures, turn them off and make sure they are cool before you begin. Use a cleaning spray to remove any accumulated dust house cleaning, and wipe down extension rods and bulbs with a dry cloth. To clean light bulbs with a vacuum, attach the upholstery attachment. You will also need a dishpan, glass cleaner, and a microfiber cloth. You can use a combination of water and white vinegar.

When cleaning light fixtures, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safety and sanitation. Never clean light fixtures while they are turned on. Not only is this dangerous, but you also run the risk of burning yourself! Turn off the power, remove the bulbs, and wait at least one hour before you begin cleaning. If possible, enlist a friend to assist you. Make sure you wear proper clothing and safety gear to protect yourself and your colleagues.

Sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces:

In offices, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces is critical to preventing the spread of diseases. In some cases, individuals may be responsible for disinfecting work areas, shared fixtures, and high-touch surfaces. By sanitizing surfaces during daily office cleaning, individuals can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Ideally, sanitizing should occur every time before and after cleaning car cleaning melbourne. If possible, sanitizing should be done with protective gloves and eyewear.

Many surface disinfectants are EPA-registered, meaning they must pass stricter testing requirements than standard sanitizers. EPA-registered products should also be used according to label directions. If you are using a disinfectant on a painted surface, make sure it is diluted. Bleach is not recommended for use on varnished surfaces. In addition, disinfectants should not damage office equipment.


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