Off-duty cop saves woman from suffocation at Malaga restaurant


an officer of the National Police which was out of order life saved to a middle-aged woman who suffered from a choking in one restaurant in Malaga. Diner couldn’t breathe muffled with a piece of food, but the grievor’s quick action allowed him to clear his airway.

The event, which fortunately ended well thanks to youn hero in civilian clothes, took place last Friday, November 18, on the terrace of a restaurant in the Ciudad Jardín district of Málaga. As indicated by the National Police in a press release, the agent, stationed at the Provincial Police Station and off duty, was having dinner with a relative inside the establishment when a commotion outside caught his eye.

On the terrace of the bar, a customer screamed desperately and asked for help to take care of her partner, another woman, who was choking and i couldn’t breathe.

Once he had verified the condition of the victim, the policeman began to practice the heimlich maneuverthat is to say abdominal compressions to unclog the respiratory tract, this time obstructed by food.

Thanks to the officer’s quick intervention, the diner ended up expelling the food and catching her breath. The officer offered to call an ambulance, but the victim herself declined the offer as she was apparently in healthy.

Choking is a real danger and the heimlich maneuver is a procedure FIRST AID which can save lives. Remember that no equipment is necessary: ​​kneel behind her and wrap your arms around her waist. Make a fist with one hand. Place your fist with your thumb against the person’s stomach, just above the navel. Grasp your fist with your other hand and give a quick, dry squeeze to the abdomen. You will need to use more force for a taller person and less for a child. Repeat the squeeze until the obstructing object is expelled or until the person passes out.


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