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The cancellation of the French Grand Prix for the 2023 season has been recorded since this Wednesday. French driver Esteban Ocon reacted to the news, “It’s not an end in itself”.

“It’s sad. It’s something we’re worried about, but it’s not the end in itself,” responded Esteban Ocon, a guest on the RMC Super Moscato Show.french pilot Cancellation of the French Grand Prix next season. However, the Alpine driver is not alarmed: “We have a rich automotive heritage in France. The Grand Prix will probably return, maybe not Paul Ricard, but it will. »

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A circuit even immediately popped into Esteban Ocon’s mind, naturally: ” We have Le Mans with all possible infrastructure, so it is not difficult to organize a grand prix there. »

The reasons for this suppression are mainly economic. Gulf countries, especially India, are ready to pay huge sums to organise the Grand Prix.

French Grand Prix cancelled, Spa and Monaco in danger

F1 boss Stefano Domenicali confirmed to multiple media outlets on Wednesday that there will be no Grand Prix in France in 2023: “There will be no Grand Prix in 2023,” the manager explained in evoking France, while Refused to explicitly close the door. The next few years. We are still in discussions with the federation and even the government. Paul Ricard Tour returns for the 2019 season after a 29-year absence.

Spa (Belgium) and Monaco, still haven’t confirmed their registrations for next season. “History is not enough,” said Stefano Domenicali, discussing the two circuits.

“We can’t panic, but Ocon is grumpy. I don’t see how we can’t have both Spa and Monaco on the future calendar. »


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