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The ten most tech-obsessed cities in the UK have been revealed, based on an assessment of internet search data. The result of this analysis is that Preston, Manchester and Birmingham are the three apparently most ‘tech-obsessed’ cities in the UK.

It is debatable whether the methodology used was the most accurate to reach this geographical location (there are alternative measures to assess ‘technological trends’). However, the data is indicative of consumer preferences. The data was collected based on search volumes from a variety of technology devices.

The leading technological device sought after was a gaming platform: the Sony PS5. Hardware such as tablets, smartphones, game consoles, and other smart devices were also included in the range of search terms. The search volume for each term in each area was added together and then divided by the population to determine the number of searches per 10,000 people.

The data was collected by the entertainment site New Casinoswhich looked at the number of average monthly Google searches in each UK city and town for a range of technology products.

The result of the analysis of the search terms shows:

Range City Town Population Combined average monthly search volume Searches per 10,000 people
1 Preston 114,300 20,020 1751.54
two Manchester 552,000 92,450 1674.82
3 birmingham 1,074,300 171,740 1598.63
4 Liverpool 465,700 74,120 1591.59
5 glasgow 598,830 90,460 1510.62
6 Newcastle upon Tyne 280,177 42,080 1501.91
7 Bristol board 465,866 68,390 1468.02
8 Reading 174,200 25,290 1451.78
9 leicester 329,839 47,020 1425.55
10 black burn 105,085 14,610 1390.31

In the top spot for the most tech-driven city in the UK is Preston, with 1,751.54 searches per 10,000 people. The Lancashire town has a particular interest in the PS5, with this being the most sought-after device in the entire area.

Manchester ranks second, with a search volume of 1,674.82 per 10,000 people. This northwestern city has proven its demand for the Nintendo Switch with the second highest searches per 10,000 people.

Third on the podium, Birmingham has a total of 1,598.63 searches per 10,000 people. Like Preston, this major city has a keen interest in the PS5, and this is also the most sought after tech product in the area among all 18 terms.

Liverpool was another North West city on the list. Liverpool got a total of 1591.59 searches for each product per 10,000 people. In fifth place is Glasgow. The city of Scotland has made a total of 1,510.62 searches per 10,000 people, but not only that, the citizens of Glasgow also have a keen interest in pocketing an iPad, with the second highest total of searches for the device per 10,000 people.

Overall, the term ‘ps5’ ​​turned out to be the most popular, with a search volume of 331,940 in total across all UK cities measured.


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