Numerous horrific images of Bucha: Mass grave for ‘genocide’ of civilians


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A sort of 14m long trench in San Andres Church and Pyervozvannoho of All Saints, in Bosaare countless images of the horrors of the war in Ukraine.

at this common pit Ukrainian authorities found At least 280 corpses After the burial, Russian troops withdrew from Bukha this weekend and were recaptured by Ukraine.The numbers are chilling and a lot of people are already talking about “genocide” and “War Crime” These include countries such as Spain, Switzerland, Germany, France and the United States.

At least 410 bodies found and have been buried, most of which were found in the streets of Buha, A small city of 35,000 inhabitants on the outskirts of Kyiv. To them we must add the people of this mass grave. The number may exceed half a thousand.

Bucha, besieged and bombed for weeks, was nearly destroyed. For the vast majority of people, the buildings that still exist cannot even be repaired.

hands tied behind back

Destroyed and charred tanks can be seen in devastating images from Bucha, charred corpse The next door was dead.also with the corpse His hands were tied behind his back and he suffered a gunshot wound to the head.

Corpse in handcuffs in burqa.Reuters

The number of dead in the mass grave is unknown. There, relatives and soldiers buried those killed by the Russian invasion for fear that if they were buried in the city’s cemetery, they would be riddled with bullets and highly exposed to any attack.

Now, authorities are recovering some of the bodies at the express request of their relatives. Its opening will greatly increase the death toll in Bucha, will exceed 500 bands in the next few hours.

This is what Bucha’s funeral services believe and cannot cope with.According to the newspaper on Monday ukraine pravda More than 410 bodies have been found and buried.

Entrance in the garden

“today We must visit at least 20+ addresses. Many were buried in yards and plots. We can’t say exact numbers. We don’t have a complete list yet. We have buried about 350 people,” said the state funeral service.

Bucha’s images speak for themselves. Errors need no description. A mother buried her daughter after she was shot by Russian troops because she was just peering out of her front door. He dug a hole in his yard and covered his body with wooden boards.

Members of the Ukrainian army excavated the young woman for her burial.

head shot

The streets of Buha are littered with corpses.even a man they ride bikes Found dumped in a drain bullet in the head. Others were killed by cannon.

The vast majority of the dead were civilians. Three residents of the same community appear to have died In the garden of the house shot in the head.According to several reporters, the reason is Make a fire to cook.


President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenkiaccusing Russia”genocide”, Ukraine and Russia have called on the U.N. Security Council to address the massacre, with two scheduled meetings on Monday and Tuesday from opposite angles.

The Prime Minister also used the same word, Pedro Sanchezwho said this Monday “War Crimes” and “Genocide” in Ukraine They will not go unpunished.

Hundreds of civilian bodies found summary execution The international community was shocked after Russia withdrew from the northern suburbs of Kyiv.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dimitro Cooleba means it is The worst “massacre” in Europe since World War II, “We are still collecting and searching for bodies, but we have already counted hundreds,” he added, according to Interfax.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Bucha’s image was “hit in the stomach”“We can’t be insensitive to something like this. We can’t normalize it. It’s something that happens every day,” the secretary of state said.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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