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arriveDetective story close to him Alta (Actes Sud, 320 pages, 22.50 euros), author Javier Cercas released the second episode of The Adventures of Catalan Inspector Meljo Marin in Spain in March.exist independent (“Independence”, Tusquets), whose action took place around 2025. The police officer of the former criminal and son of a prostitute is responsible for solving the blackmail case against the new mayor of Barcelona. He is a populist.Xenophobic speech, victim “Sexual Blackmail”For the purpose of investigation, he fell into a dirty universe, where the descendants of Catalonia’s upper bourgeoisie lived under the law, shrouded in a halo of impunity, business and politics mixed, and committed the most serious crimes. Serious crime.

Behind a carefully planned police conspiracy, Javier Sekas paints a disillusioned picture of the moral corruption of the political and economic elites.It can happen anywhere, but the choice of title is a bit provocative, and there is no doubt that the author wants to be nudity “The soil for the independence process”, He admitted world. This ” gasoline” The previous one of this novel is “Pre-War Climate” Held in Catalonia in the fall of 2017, it marked an attempt to split society and changed the life of the 59-year-old Catalan writer through adoption since the age of 4. If only three pages are used to tell this episode, they are enough to reveal the mystery of nationalist etiquette.In 2025, no one is talking about independence, one character describes it as “the masses” Catalan, by the elite “Put pressure on Madrid”, middle financial crisis.

“Attempted to intimidate”

This novel can only cause controversy in Catalonia. Cercas anticipated that he often publicly defined this movement as “An expression of reactionary and united national populism”. However, what he didn’t expect was “Rally” He is the victim of it. As a guest who is very supportive of the independent Catalan public channel TV3, an anonymous Twitter account posted an out-of-context snippet of the intervention in 2019, accusing him of supporting military intervention in Catalonia. The account quickly disappeared, and the video was filmed by several people, including the lawyers of the former President of the Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont.

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