Not Burma, not Myanmar, not Cambodia


During a theater organized in the Palacio de la Moncloa with 50 troupes, Pedro Sánchez repeated one of the fallacies of the “historical memory” falsifiers: Spain is the second country in the world with the most disappeared and secret graves, a product of the national side of the Civil War and post-war repression.

The scammers have set Khmer Rouge Cambodia, in the seventies of the last century. Sanchez, with his usual insolvency, named Burma, the old name for modern Myanmar, as such.

The reality is quite different. The largest secret grave of the Civil War was and remains the grave Paracuellos del Jarama (Madrid), where the remains of about five thousand victims are buried, shot by leftists in the last months of 1936. Those with historical memory have not yet appeared there, and families have not the slightest interest in seeing them. By common sense, instead of putting on a show for real or supposed identification of the remains, they chose to leave their relatives where they fell. This is the same that the vast majority of Spaniards prefer. in Valley of the Fallen A little over 33,000 victims of the war are buried, but hardly fifty asked to identify their ancestors, which in most cases is an impossible task.

Most of what are presented as secret graves are mass graves in cemeteries, where the names of those found are usually recorded. Digging through the ground looking for remains that have been there for over 80 years can be interesting from a civil war standpoint, but leads to a false start.

Fraudsters do not count thousands of cases in which nothing can be found, because. the killers made sure the corpses disappeared. This was widespread among the revolutionaries. Socialists, anarchists, communists and their ilk resorted, with a frequency not seen on the national side, to cremation of their victims – some of them burned alive – to burning in industrial ovens, to dumping them into deep gouges or mighty rivers. .

In short, the bones of the victim can be found from a common or secret grave. Many descendants of those killed by the revolutionaries do not have this opportunity because they made them disappear. Not buried, but evaporated.

Most leftists killed or executed during or after the war were recorded in the civil registers, as anyone who examined the files could verify. Executive zeal is followed by funeral zeal and one more for registration in the registry office with an interval of one or two days.

On the contrary, most of those killed by revolutionary committees were taken out to the highway or to cemeteries, where they were shot without any procedures. In many cases, it was necessary to wait until the end of the war in order to be able to reconstruct what happened and register it in the registry, after exceeding legal requirements when it came to certifying a death that had happened many years ago.

What do the victims of the national zone or the post-war have to do with Cambodia? Well, nothing, this is just ideological nonsense from those who want to hide the crimes and deeds of the left in the 1930s. Sanchez and PSOE have only one worthy optionwhich they never put into practice: to apologize for the tens of thousands of murders committed by the militants of the UGT party and trade union. In the meantime, fight in the field of obscenity.



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