North Korea threatens to ‘annihilate’ South Korea with its ‘nuclear force’ if attacked


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North Korea warns ‘inevitable’ use of its nuclear weapons for “Destroy” the South Korean Army If you choose a military confrontation and decide to attack your neighbor to the north.

gold and bell, influential sister North Korean leader Kim Jong Unhas issued this warning, making it clear that while North Korea has no intention of starting a second Korean War, they are willing to respond to South Korea if provoked. ‘We will leave Korea in a state of total destruction and destruction’there is a threat.

“If South Korea chooses to engage in military confrontation with us, our nuclear combat power They will inevitably have to carry out their duties,” he insisted.

“Precision” attack

so, Kim Yo Jong, who has held various positions in the government and the Communist Party, clarified North Korea will never strike first. “But if South Korea, for whatever reason, chooses Military operations, such as “preventive strikes” Promoted by the South Korean Defense Minister Su Xu, The situation will change,” he declared.

sister’s statement Kim Jong Un arrives South Korean Defense Minister Seo-wook said on Friday that the South Korean Armed Forces Seoul has the ability to attack ‘precisely and quickly’ The starting point for North Korean missile launches and their command post once there is a clear indication of an attack on South Korea.

for gold and bell The so-called representative of the South Korean army spoke of the preventive attack, calling it “a very big irreparable mistake” enemy” And especially stressed that “South Korea is not its main enemy.”

“We are against war”

“We are against war. If the armies of the two sides are at war with each other, the entire Korean nation will suffer the catastrophe of half a century ago, which may be even more horrific, no matter which side wins or loses the war or battle,” he stressed.

Kim Yo-jong’s announcement comes as tensions in the region are rising again.Pyongyang recently alarmed its neighbors While testing the new ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) is nuclear capable.

gold and bell known for its influence in inter-Korean affairs Kim Jong Unn, according to Yonhap News Agency, as the deputy minister of the Central Department of the Labor Party.


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