Norma Duval’s wedding and the first images of Amaia Montero


New Wednesday of magazines a few days after the end of the month of November. A week full of surprises and exclusive topics in which Norma Duval, Ana María Aldón and Amaia Montero occupy the covers of the publications. The artist has surprised with her romantic wedding with Matthias Kühn in the Swiss town of Gstaad, while the still wife of José Ortega Cano has already found the house to which she will move shortly.

Hello! magazine cover. / Hello!

Magazine Hello! converts to Norma Duval in the total protagonist of its cover, with an exclusive report of the artist’s wedding with the businessman in Switzerland. Throughout the pages of the magazine the details of the celebration are shown, which has had the presence of only two witnesses, and which has been held in an idyllic setting. The magazine also offers an interview with Javier Castillo, ‘Poty’, that he presents to his daughter Martina when he reaches the age of majority. There is no shortage of pages dedicated to the celebrations of the Monaco National Day, one of the most anticipated dates of recent times, in which Princess Charlene has finally participated. Likewise, Hello! publishes a report on the evolution of the relationship between Iñaki Urdangarin and Ainhoa ​​Armentiawhose history is increasingly consolidated.

Amaia Montero
Semana magazine cover. / Week

In Week the details of Ana María Aldón’s new house are revealed. After confirming the separation between the Andalusian and José Ortega Cano and waiting for the couple to sign the divorce, Ana Maria Aldon He has already found a new house to settle in with his son. She herself did not want to give many details on this subject, but she did make it clear that the right-handed man was not going to pay anything for this property. The house is located in the Guadalajara area, about half an hour from where she currently resides, and she is still finalizing some details to settle as soon as possible.

The magazine includes some statements by Tamara Falcó in which she assures that she does not maintain contact with Íñigo Onieva, several weeks after their controversial breakup. However, one of the most prominent issues is the reappearance of Amaia Montero, after several days admitted to a clinic in Navarra.

Amaia Montero
Cover of the magazine Diez Minutos. / Ten minutes

Yes Week publishes the details of the house of Ana María Aldón, in Ten minutes the new acquisition of Jorge Javier Vazquez. An impressive two-story mansion located in a luxury urbanization. The magazine also publishes the first images of Amaia Montero after being discharged, but she delves into other topics. Ten minutes reveals new details of Joaquín Prat’s new love and confirms with a report with images the relationship of Almudena Cid and Gerardo Berodia.

Cover of the magazine Readings. / readings

In readings, Olga Moreno and Rocío Carrasco occupy the central part of the cover. The magazine talks about the tense face-to-face meeting in court between the two ex-wives of Antonio David Flores. readings It also publishes some statements by Tamara Falcó on her 41st birthday in which she assures that she has no qualms about staying single. The magazine offers a report on the relationship between Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereirawho have rented an apartment together and publishes images of Amaia Montero after being discharged from hospital.


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