No one expected Jose Luis Gil’s return to ‘La que se avecina’


the one to come already warming up the engine to start his Season 13, will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on November 18. Despite being one of the most anticipated premieres of the year, the novel will have several absences, including Jose Luis Gil.The man who gave life to Enrique Pastor is recovering from a stroke last November, but the series has been looking for an alternative Keep relying on him in this new version.

Jose Luis Gil in a speech / Gtres

Although symbolic, the actor will be part of all season 13 episodes through the title. It should be remembered that since the seventh edition of the most famous Neighborhood series on television, chapters have always begun with the voice of one of the characters, with the corresponding title appearing on the screen. Now, in tribute to Jose Luis Gil, Contubernio’s production decides to hear actor’s voice in eight episodes of new seasonto ensure it exists, even if it is symbolic.

Jose Luis Gil in a speech / Gtres
Jose Luis Gil in a speech / Gtres

It was because of his absence that the script team had to revise the plot as they would continue to count on him when he recovered.This is why the strategy chosen to justify their absence is Pastor Henry Went to America to take care of Dylan, who shares a son with Judith Becker. It should be remembered that at the end of the eighth season, the Mirador de Montepinar psychologist decided to go to Ibiza with her son after a breakup, and after spending some time on the island, she decided to embark on a new journey in America. The Road. That’s why the parade would be the ideal excuse, so the absence of one of the novel’s most beloved characters is less dramatic. Likewise, his name will appear in every chapter, Because his disappearance will move Bruno Quiroga very muchit will alert you more than once.

Cast of 'La que se avecina' / Gtres
Cast of ‘La que se avecina’ / Gtres

In November of last year, well-known actors from the neighborhood community suffered a health setbacks who put him in hospital for 22 days. Earlier this month, he went to the hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario Medical Center, a victim of an acute left hemisphere ischemic stroke. After weeks of silence, his daughter Erin wanted to issue an official statement to update her father’s health. In it, he thanked the “professionalism and human quality of the entire team at the Madrid Clinic during the intervention and admission”. Since then, José Luis Gil has started a very important period of recovery and he has received thousands of comments of love and love.That’s it, it’s no secret whoever Juan Cuesta is no one lives here He has become one of the most popular faces on TV.


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