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It was supposed to take place on September 15, but it ended up happening a little earlier.Amazon is already raising its subscription prices Amazon Prime In France.As a result, it changed from 49 euros per year previously to EUR 69.90 per year.

Hence, the increase is over 42%, knowing that the monthly price increases €6.99 per month instead of 5.99 euros per month. As a result, monthly growth was more modest at over 16%. However, in the current economic environment and inflationary period, this is not something that should quell some of the grievances.

The special student discount is €34.95 per year or €3.49 per month. Previously €24 per year, €2.99 per month. Still, there’s a 90-day free trial, compared to a 30-day free trial for a classic Amazon Prime subscription (no commitment).

After US Amazon Prime price hike

For this price change, Amazon justified an increase in operating costs for Prime France and applied the new prices to subscriptions renewing from September 15, 2022.

Keep in mind that countries outside of France have seen price increases for Amazon Prime subscriptions, such as the US starting the year at $139 per year and $14.99 per month, or nearly 17% and 15% higher, respectively.

Prime Video influences price hike decision

Across the Atlantic, the group highlighted rising wages and shipping costs. It also highlights that Amazon Prime deals are more widespread in the US than in France. Amazon added that each country has a different rating from year to year.

» Since we launched Prime in France, we’ve expanded the selection of products eligible for Prime Unlimited Fast Shipping; added and expanded Fast Grocery Shipping; and added more premium digital entertainment, including TV shows and movies on Prime Videomusic from Amazon Music Prime, games from Prime Gaming, and books from Prime Reading.

To explain the price hikes in France, Amazon has specifically insisted on increasing the number of Amazon original series and movies, as well as acquiring the rights to broadcast the French Open.

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