‘No Demo Reno’ Star Jenn Todryk Reveals Which Areas of Your Home Are Most Worth Splurging On


hgtv star and host of No Demo Reindeer, Jenn Todryk, has some advice on where to splurge on home renovations. She’s famous for pulling off beautiful modifications on a modest budget and shared where to focus funds when trying a do-it-yourself home makeover.

Jenn Todryk | hgtv

Jenn Todryk recommends splurging in the kitchen

Todryk focuses on home renovations on a relatable budget on No Demo Reindeer, and she recommends splurging on the kitchen. “It’s one of the first rooms the buyer enters. It’s your ‘wow’ moment and sets the tone for the rest of the house,” she told Texas Monthly. “It gives you the most value.”


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