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Nkechi Blessing Reveals What He Aims To Achieve In 2023

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has revealed what she aims to achieve in the year 2023.

Blessing Nkechi who has been controversial since she became famous took her Instagram account to affirm that in 2023 everyone must focus on their talent by force.

The actress’s statement comes after the drama series she has been involved in, causing people to often ignore her as an actress.

She wrote: 2023 a year everyone must focus on my TALENT by force.

In his caption, Nkechi Blessing questioned why people often forget about his work and always label it controversial.

“I don’t understand, Una, don’t you forget about my work? Or na just controversial nkechi blessing on sunday a sabi? I dropped an obvious Monologue using a Femi name and some illiterate Dey be the first to abuse the litterer.

under my monologue… this is my page and I’m going to show my talent however I want… please take your negative vibes to another place where I don’t want them here… Tainks,” she captioned her post.