Nightmare night of “Barcelona”: “Camp Nou” turned white, whistles, miscalculation and departure


TThursday night was disastrous for Barcelonaas the club was knocked out of the Europa League in the quarter-finals Eintracht Frankfurt am Main. However, not only the events on the field disappointed the blue garnets.

The Camp Nou was filled with up to 30,000 people. Eintracht Frankfurt am Main fans who painted the stadium white and even saw Barcelona the players whistled as they warmed up.

Joan Laporta talked about it in person and the president was angry.

“I’m worried because what happened was shameful and it can’t happen again,” he said.

“We have information about what happened, but we need time to process it.

“We’re going to take action because it’s outrageous and shameful.”

The situation outraged the members of the club, some of them even called for the president of the club to resign.

Camp Nou is whiter than ever, amazing German party in the stands!

Eintracht Frankfurt as home side

About 5000 Eintracht Frankfurt am Main The fans were expected to be present in the away part of the Camp Nou. However, there were Eintracht Frankfurt am Main fans all over the stadium leaving Barcelona and their fans feel like strangers in their own stadium.

Javi Hernandez spoke about his anger in regular time over what happened in the stands during the match.

“It is clear that the atmosphere did not help us,” he said.

“It was like a final when the stadium split in two.

“The club is investigating how this happened. It is clear that this was our calculation error.

He added that he expected more Barcelona fans to be in the game.

“It’s disappointing,” he said.

“We talked to the players in advance and hoped that the fans would be here.

“Thank you to the fans who came.”

There will be consequences in Barcelona

“That surprised me because I didn’t feel like we were playing at home,” he said. Geordie Cruyff.

“I don’t know if it affected the result. We were excited about this competition because we played very well, but now that feeling is a bit gone.

“We have to see what can be improved so that the team has as much support as possible.

“The situation with the fans should be dealt with by those responsible for this – I only deal with the sports side.”

Economic blow to Barcelona

BarcelonaFailure to reach the semi-finals of the Europa League also saw them miss out on €2.5 million.

They would have earned €4.6m for reaching the final and another €4m for lifting the trophy.

BarcelonaThe only option now is to continue to fight for the La Liga Santander title, or at least secure a place in the Champions League. First of all, they must make sure that such a night will never happen again.


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