Nightmare in paradise: the real reason for the absence of Lara Álvarez in the debate


Telecinco broadcast this Sunday a new episode of the debate on nightmare in paradise. On this occasion, Lara Alvarez This worried viewers, because when Carlos Sobera gave way to the farm, the presenter was not with the contestants.

The Asturian presenter, who usually connects with the whole program of the farm located in Jimena de la Frontera, this time she could not take the lead. Something that Carlos Sobera explained at the start of the Sunday broadcast.

The reasons for Lara’s absence were given by the presenter of nightmare in paradise from the start of the program and after the connection with the house, where they were standing Dani G and Beathis week’s nominees.

Before talking to the two nominees of the week, while Lara Álvarez did not appear in connection with the farm, Carlos Sobera took the opportunity to reveal the reason why the presenter could not be at the debate that evening and dedicate a few kind words to her partner.

Carlos Sobera explained to viewers that the presenter: “She is not with us tonight because she is sick, she was quite cold on Wednesday evening, He has a fever of 38 and cannot be with us this Sunday evening.”he announced about Lara Álvarez, to whom he sent a message wishing her a speedy recovery.

“I hope you’re in the little bed, well covered, We send you a huge kiss and we hope you recover very quickly. We miss you a lot”, was the message that Carlos Sobera sent to Lara Álvarez before continuing the show.


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