Nigeria has a mobility problem; Meet the company working to solve this


For many road users in Nigeria, commuting presents unique challenges as the public transport system has clearly become inadequate in most cities. While an increase in private car ownership and ride-sharing apps may seem like an obvious solution to the mobility problem, they also present their unique challenges. For example, constant traffic jams can make driving a health risk for commuters who have to leave home before dawn to avoid rush hour traffic. Ridesharing apps may offer a way out, however there is still the issue of rising prices and the occasional security issue that comes with being in an enclosed space with strangers.

Roadlers is changing the way we move

Roadlers makes hiring a vehicle or driver as easy as sending a text. In a statement from co-founder Phebe Irewole, her vision is to “build the largest community of vehicle owners and drivers in the world.” Vehicle owners who do not wish to drive can book a professional driver for a day, a night, a week or as long as they like. They can also book trip drivers for interstate travel.

With a wide range of vehicles to suit a variety of budgets, Roadlers offers travelers the option of renting a car to suit the occasion.

It’s easy to see why Roadlers is worth your time, as they professionally check all assigned drivers and even offer driver replacement services in some service packages. Their service packages are refreshingly flexible, as there is something for everyone.

Roadlers is working to facilitate the movement of the African community.

Also, people who want to earn money with their vehicles can simply sign up on the Roadlers website to get started.

Beyond these essential services, Roadlers aims to be the reference platform for the movement of goods and people in the coming years. We are excited to see how the Roadlers team shapes the mobility industry for years to come.

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