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Nigeria, Africa’s largest oil producer, has faced fuel shortages at petrol stations for the past week, causing severe traffic jams in the country’s major cities. In front of the still-open stations of Abuja and Lagos, the economic capital of more than 20 million inhabitants is thriving, with queues of cars stretching for hundreds of meters.

In question, four traders have imported large quantities of adulterated gasoline into the country, accusing the National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) of having been trying for a week to remove the tainted product from the market.

The vehicles of several motorists and motorcyclists were damaged last week “fuel”Shade Adisa has been waiting as long as she can in her car since 4am (3am GMT), with a long queue at the entrance to a petrol station in the Lagos Island area. “I wake up early to refuel, but given the queues, I’m not ready to eat until 8am”to appoint this attorney.

Despite all the oil it extracts, Nigeria must import most of its fuel. Four refineries in the country of 220 million inhabitants are not operating or are operating below capacity.

Serious power outage

Transport prices have risen in some cities due to a lack of available gasoline, forcing many residents to travel long distances on foot. “Coming to work these days is hard. I used to spend 1,500 naira [quelque 3 euros]said Jafaru Adebayo.

According to the World Bank, four out of ten Nigerians live below the international poverty line ($1.90 per person per day). In a country that is also severely short of electricity, those who can afford it rely on gasoline or diesel generators for most of the day to power their homes and businesses. “Even at home, I had to double my diesel bill to run my generator”complained Mr. Adebayo, a civil servant in Lagos.

Fuel companies say several stations are still trying to return adulterated fuel they were supplied last week to prevent them from storing and selling uncontaminated products.

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