Nicole Coste puts Alberto and Charlene of Monaco on the rope

An unexpected surprise from the Principality of Monaco. Just a few days ago, after Prince Albert’s ex-partner was exposed, Nicole Coster, In Monaco this summer, on one of the most important dates of the season, and now Alexander Grimaldi’s mother raised her voice in one of the most relevant publications in the heart world, the Paris game.

Alberto de Monaco and Nicole Coster in File Picture/Gtres

In the rumors of estrangement between the prince and cCharlene in South Africa For several months, due to an upper respiratory tract infection, Coster accepted an interview to understand the adulthood of his son who had just celebrated his birthday at a party in Monaco.

The former Togolese flight attendant who had a relationship with Prince Albert admitted that his father and son were “very similar”, and his son Alexander was born in August 2003. This is not the only content he commented. Nicole has confirmed that the monarch always takes care of childrenHer existence was exposed in 2005, when she herself revealed in the same publication: “Alberto has always played the role of a father, and we have never reached a financial agreement,” she promised. What’s more, although the rumors of the relationship between the two are intensifying, it is precisely because of Charlene’s absence that the fact is that the relationship between the prince and Nicole has been very close. So a few years ago, he went to London to attend his 50th birthday party. At that time, the princess was in Corsica.

In the interview, Nicole not only praised Alberto’s role as a father or commented that his son is a member of the family, but also criticized Charlene.: “Considering our relationship with the prince, we should sincerely support each other. In our case, diplomacy must prevail.” However, this does not seem to be the case: “I have experienced things that alert me and affect me”, He promised.

Prince/Gtres in File Image

The Togolese mentioned an episode that happened when the prince was engaged to South Africa: “For example, she changed my son’s room and took advantage of his father’s absence to place him under the staff’s wing,” Nicole said, hurting the watch. Charlene’s attitude. In spite of this, he claimed that, apart from this incident, the rest of the family had been behaving abnormally towards Alexander.

No matter how much controversy Nicole Cost’s remarks have caused, the truth is Charlene Alberto de Monaco must not be as idyllic as they pretend. The prince’s aunt announced in an Italian magazine that a divorce was imminent, adding to the new parent-child litigation that the monarch will have to face in the coming months. Just last year, a Brazilian woman filed a lawsuit in Italy, claiming that her 15-year-old daughter is also her brother. Carolina of Monaco.

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