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Nice wins 2-1 thanks to Delot’s double!

The Aiglons ended a series of 4 games without a win. They will be shaken by Lorient, who equalised by Laurent.

The two teams’ next game is on Wednesday: Nice travel to Monaco for a fine derby, while Lorient will be hit by Metz for maintenance.

Lemoine replaces Innocent

The pitch is freer, both on the bench and on the pitch.

Fight for victory!

Dolberg catches Delorte’s header and makes an impeccable nervous cross! 2-1!

What an opportunity for Dolberg!

Delorte’s chest is recovering very well. The Dane got the ball first, but looked a little surprised and passed the ball away.

good fire

Another dangerous bullet loss. Koné was thrown deep, but the Lorient couldn’t get close enough for his shot to be dangerous.

Laurent Leaf

After a goal, he goes to get himself. He was replaced by Dango Ouattara.

Nice returned to color

Boudaoui in particular is doing well, currently with a small bridge on the ground side, but no one on the ground can take back his center.

Nice double change

Brahimi and Schneiderlin replaced Kluivert and Thuram (probably because of his earlier warning, as Rosario seems to have arranged it).

Delot attempts a long-range free kick

Hit the wall directly. Nice people seem to lack a solution.

Lorient haunts Nice

Since the tie, the Hakes have been playing higher and preventing the gym from setting up their game.

Five changes at a time!

Murphy and Janz were replaced by Lorient’s Moncondout and Kone.

Amavi, Stengs and Gouiri give way to Bard, Boudaoui and Dolberg on the Nice side.

Murphy is offside!

Abergel had too many touches before passing the ball to his striker, who dribbled past Benitez and scored. Target logic canceled.

Laurient’s goal!

The Mellous striker emerged from beyond the goal line, hooked the defender to eliminate the defender, and scored a powerful shot from a narrow angle between Benitez’s legs. 1-1!

A stat to illustrate gym territorial domination

Niçois made 111 passes in the last 30 meters against the meter, Lorientais… 28!

DELORT Conversion!

Dreyer started from the right and even touched the ball, but the Algerian’s shot was too powerful. Nice 1-0!


Thuram accelerated into the penalty area and was hooked by Janz. The Germans were warned.

The referee comes to see Dreyer

The Lorient goalkeeper took his time at six meters. “Next time, it’s cardboard! »

Good to try a little more pressure

Stens was so excited that Danileuk scored with a header from a corner… It wasn’t big, but it was better than the first quarter.

Nice kop singing his coach’s name

Christophe Galtier will have a chance to win his first trophy in Nice in the French Cup final against Nantes on May 7.

here we go again!

Changes at half-time: Boisgard replaces Somano at Lorient. So Murphy will find the tip.

Nice 0-0 Lorient!

Logical scoring, Nice’s seven shots on goal seemed a bit fake. The Aiglons did not manage to break Lorient’s defenses, and the Melus did not take advantage of the counterattack.

Another hot situation on the surface!

The assistant referee hoisted his flag, which will relieve Delorte, who didn’t get in trouble after the Aigrons had shown their moves so well.

Danileuk is the first player to know

Dante’s bench, suspended, came late at Abergel. It probably doesn’t deserve a yellow card.

Kluivert didn’t frame his head

The Dutchman arrived in the area, but aerial racing was not his forte. We’ll still see a lot more by the end of the first phase.

Le Goff crosses too many times

At the corner, the ball reaches the side of the ground entrance. His attempts largely failed.

Sumano pushes the ball too far

Rosario’s pass is too short, which puts Daniliuc in a difficult position. Sumano got the ball back but pushed too much in a chaotic defensive situation.

A chance!

Kluivert may have tried to cross, but the ball returned to the top corner and Dreyer relaxed and pushed the ball into the corner.

Across the yard in France

We told you about 20 supporter visitors and we have pictures to prove it.

it’s always planned – planned

We can chalk it up to the Riviera sun and unusual schedule. Although hearing a capo during a game is never a good sign.

Stens very close to making a wonderful deflection

It might have been a failed check, but it pretty much turned into Delort’s dice pass. A few meters away, all the same.

Danielk’s great comeback

Sumano’s shot is very direct, and Brazil’s tackle from the middle has no room for error.

Small rhythm for the first 15 minutes

Nice had the ball but couldn’t accelerate, and Lorient tried to counter but didn’t succeed either.

Delot dyed herself blonde

The rhythm hasn’t taken off yet, so we’re talking about something else to fill it…

Hakes will try to sting on counterattack

Sumano was immediately ruled offside and the striker failed to follow up seconds ago, but three Lorient forwards will try to exploit the space.

Jenz is back great

A tackle on a fall to move the ball away from Delot in the area.

20 Lorient supporters go

We congratulate them on this long trip, especially since the rest of the stadium is scarce.

Let’s go!

Lorient kicks off… directly within six meters!

Teams enter the field

In bright sunshine, that might have an impact on the pace of the game.

Lorient 5 behind

The defense on the Lorient side is back to 5 (or 3, depending on how you look at it). We’ll see how it plays out in the future.

Lorient: Dreyer Mendes, Janz, Petro Silva, Abergel, Innocent, Sumano, Legoff-Laurent, Sumano, Murphy.

substitute: Nardi, Helgaard, Loric, Boisgard, Le Moine, Monconduit, Le Bris, Corne, Ouattara.

Good with Stens and Kluivert on the wing

Galtier plays very aggressively in his traditional 4-4-2 to find his way to victory.

OK: Benitez-Lottomba, Daniliuc, Todibo, Amavi-Stens, Rosario, Thuram, Kluivert-Guri, Delorte.

substitute: Burka, Budd, Mendy, Nahonu, Douwei, Schneiderlin, Brahimi, Dolberg, Gaisan.

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Important matches are at the top and bottom of the category.

Nice have not won any of their last 4 games (2 draws and 2 losses) and are no longer in the top 5 (6th). So, to trust Europe, we have to restart the machine.

For its part, Lorient still have an important victory against Saint-Etienne (6-2) but are still just three points clear of the play-off berth.


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