NFL Twitter trolls statue of Baker Mayfield unveiled at University of Oklahoma


Baker Mayfield can’t catch a break this year. On Friday, University of Oklahoma opened a monument to his Heisman Trophy winner and Twitter NFL i had a field day trolling mayfield due to the statue’s lack of resemblance to Cleveland Browns defender

The University of Oklahoma has erected statues of all Heisman Trophy winners, including Mayfield. Sam Bradford, Steve Owens, Billy Sims, Billy Wessels and Jason White. Kyler Murray will also receive a statue in Oklahoma to be unveiled sometime next year.

For Murray’s sake, I hope Oklahoma will learn from this year’s mistake and put up a real statue of him that really looks like him. Mayfield joins Cristiano Ronaldo like an athlete whose statue was not what the fans expected.

Oklahoma Heisman Trophy winners reunited

The statue’s unveiling ceremony also served as an excuse to gather all seven of Oklahoma’s Heisman Trophy winners in one room. Although Mayfield looked as happy as ever during the ceremony, news of the “bizarre” appearance of his statue made headlines.

While some Twitter users compared the statue’s resemblance to different actors, one hilariously noted that it looked like Utah Jazz Main coach Queen Snyder “trying to keep people off his cocaine.” Others have simply focused on the fact that he is in the running back position even though Mayfield is a quarterback.

In some other comments, people have said that the statue should have had a helmet on to avoid this problem, and that their attempt to add a headband was just awful. Whatever the reason why Mayfield’s statue doesn’t look like him at all, it at least paved the way for awesome tweets.


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