NFL Shoulder Workouts: What Workouts Do NFL Players Do?


TI have NFL The off-season gives players the opportunity to stay in shape, try new workouts and strengthen parts of their bodies that may need to be worked on ahead of the new season.

One of the most important parts where everything NFL players put their efforts into working with their shoulders. defender Russell Wilson stressed that leg strength is just as important as shoulder stability for players in his position.

“In recent years, I have really focused on leg strength. Wilson Men’s Fitness said.

“When you grow, you always think that your upper body strength and everyone is testing your best qualities, your benching maximum and all that.

“As a quarterback, it’s really more than leg strength, core strength, shoulder stability, and core stability. What I’m really proud of is mobility – my mobility and flexibility. I’m constantly working on these areas.”

Trilateral shoulder series

Men’s health advisor David Jack was on an NFL team workout when he came across a unique shoulder exercise called Triangular shoulder row.

This exercise was developed by a former strength and conditioning coach Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Mike Morris.

“This is an absolute burner for your shoulders,” Jack told Men’s Health.

“But more importantly, it will help improve your shoulder stability in the long run and allow you to lift heavier weights when you do ‘big lifts’ like bench presses.”

To complete this exercise, you will need only two kilogram weights – one in each hand. Keep your legs under your body, close to each other.

Raise your arms up and keep them outstretched. Hold them for a full second before pushing them forward and pausing for another second. Then go back outside and back to the bottom, which is your starting position.

“To stay versatile and explosive, you have to jump.” – Three-time NFL top defenseman. Jay Jay Watttold Men’s Fitness.

“I do long, extensive workouts and we go everywhere from the field to the gym, on different surfaces. All this plays a role.”


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