NFL Rams: Matthew Stafford is Wild Card Weekend’s Most Pressured QB

Matthew Stafford have a heavy burden 2021 NFL Playoffs eradicate

Stafford has one of the best offensive units in the NFL, top scoring wide receiver, healthy team, but in the NFL playoffs, he has a poor record.

v Los Angeles Rams The quarterback has a 0-3 playoff record. I added eight interceptions in the last four games, and the eyes of Rams fans and NFL analysts are pointing to him.

Everyone’s eyes are on Stafford, a quarterback with an ambitious head coach and a line-up facing the most important game of his professional career.

NFL Analysts: Stafford is a QB with a lot of pressure.

There was a belief that Stafford failed because he was a quarterback Detroit Lions.

Stafford never had enough talent. However, he was considered the best quarterback in the NFL.

According to an NFL analyst Ryan Clark, it’s time for Stafford to show his talent.

“It’s a game where excuses stop,” said Ryan Clark. “It’s time for Matthew Stafford rewrite his entire career (…) change the perception of who he was as a player for over a decade. (…) It’s put up or shut up.”

Stafford replaced Jared Goff put Rams in Super Bowl contender position, for LA Times reporter Bill Plaschke, there are similarities between both quarterbacks, but one significant difference.

The Rams head to the Cards with a quarterback who has augmented his talent too often with brain spasms, a guy who at times resembled Goff in every category but one. plate said. “Goff has won three playoff games. Stafford has yet to win one.

Indeed, the press is on the threshold of Stafford’s speech at Monday night against Arizona.


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