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Two weeks after the first Miami Grand Prix, New York wants to host Formula 1 too. Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams contacted Greg Maffei, owner of Liberty Media, the company that owns F1, to propose a website.

After Miami, Las Vegas and Austin, America wants more. The US has already hosted three Formula 1 Grand Prix races on their soil and hopes the paddock will cross the Atlantic again.

Eric Adams, New York’s mayor since January 1, 2022, contacted Greg Maffei to offer him a venue where he could host the game.according to motorsport, the Democratic mayor reportedly cited Ward Islands and Randalls Island as potential playgrounds. However, the proposal did not find favour with Greg Maffei, the boss of Liberty Media, the company that owns F1. “I think it’s very difficult. Their proposal, Randalls Island, may not be the ideal place for us. You know, a lot of time and money was spent here 15 to 20 years ago, including one of my predecessors Leo Hindery is trying to build one in Hoboken (NJ).”

“I think the reality is that it’s very, very, very difficult to do urban racing in a place like New York. Las Vegas is one of the few places in America where you can organize an urban race, and there’s a different mentality there. New York is a Great place, but hard to believe they would close Central Park for us!”

However, New York will host the ePrix (Formula E) on the streets of Brooklyn next July, and New York has been a regular in the Formula E World Championship since 2017.

America is in love with F1

In IndyCar, however, the Americans are starting to make room for F1 in their hearts.thanks in large part to Netflix series Drive To Survive, bringing this traditional European sport to Uncle Sam’s land. 400,000 people gather on Uncle Sam’s shore in 2021 Austin Motor Speedway (TX) Witnesses Max Verstappen’s VictoryTo the delight of GP promoter Bobby Epstein: “What happened was amazing, it exceeded everyone’s expectations. One thing is for sure, the series’ impact on Netflix has raised Formula 1’s popularity in the US, We take advantage of this new parameter,” reports automatic log.

As a direct result of this enthusiasm, several cities in the United States are trying to find a place in the sprawling world championship schedule. In early April, the FIA ​​announced that the 2023 Grand Prix in Las Vegas was being planned And this season saw the emergence of the Miami Grand Prix. The grand premiere, centered around Sun Life Stadium, home of the Dolphins, was marked by a victory for Max Verstappen, but most importantly, the American show before and after the game.

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