New shooting at Kabul Airport: Afghan soldier killed


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One member Afghan Security Forces He died on Monday after the country’s army had a gun battle with an unknown attacker nearby. Kabul Airport.

In addition, other Three injured According to a statement by the German armed forces, the confrontation was at the north gate of the airport.

The Bundeswehr confirmed that all its soldiers were unscathed in the confrontation that the US military also participated in.

20 people died

At least 20 people As NATO sources confirmed to Sky News Chain, since 7 days ago, the airport and surrounding areas in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, began a chaotic evacuation process, and these people have died.

The British Ministry of Defence at least confirmed 7 deaths in the past 24 hours Near the airport, there was chaos and panic among the insurgents who were in power in the capital last Sunday.

“The local situation is still extremely difficult, but we are doing everything possible to manage the situation in the safest way possible,” the ministry added in a statement collected by Sky News.

The Ministry of Defence did not provide further information on the circumstances of these deaths, but a source from a British newspaper Daily mail They guarantee that in the past seven deaths, there have been Four crushed women Trampled by humans.


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