New Pikachu bras and other Pokémon underwear appear in Japan【Pictures】


Pokémon and Peach John team up for a new collection of bras, panties, and roomwear.

When you hear the words “Pokemon Fashion” your first image could be plain pocket monster t-shirts. Or maybe you’re thinking of these tailor-made Pokémon shirts, or even some exclusive accessories like the new black-coated Gengar Rings.

But the latest fashion heist in the Pokémon series is a collaboration with the Japanese lingerie producer Peach Jan. The collection consists of a total of 6 items, starting of course with Pikachu bra and panty set.

This is a completely new design, completely different from the Pikachu Peach John bra from a few years ago. The franchise mascot shows up in nine places, three times on each cup and three times in the waist of the panties.

There is also Pokémon Peach John braand since the appeal of non-wired underwear lies in its superior comfort compared to a standard bra, it seems quite appropriate that the pocket monster that adorns this set is Comfortably.

In addition to underwear, Peach John also offers inner and room underwear and Pikachu and Eevee join forces on that broad neck inner shirt.

However, the really cozy things have character Pajamas by Mareep

…and One-piece Yamper roomwearwhich has a brushed fabric lining to help keep you warm during winter nights with three dogs.

And the last one is A three-piece set of Mimikyu homewearwhich seems like a fitting pair, given that this species basically has a canary yellow cover over its shadowy body.

The bra/panty sets cost ¥5,478 (US$39.40), underwear 2,948, pajamas and one-piece 6,578, and the Mimikyu set 7,678. All will go on sale December 7 at Peach John stores and the brand’s online store, and will only be available “while supplies last”. so you’ll want to shop early if any of these make it onto your Christmas list.

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Source, images: PR times

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