New Photos of Peng Shuai Appear on WeChat … but They Cannot Be Authenticated


The is the case disappearance Peng Shuai Continuing controversy around the world, with many speculating that the Chinese government is not telling the whole truth, doubts have persisted despite the fact that a government-affiliated journalist circulated the first recent images of the tennis star.

Shuai accused the former vice president of the Chinese government of Zhang Gaoliabout the sexual assault on November 2, but has not been seen since.

Tennis peers and other athletes from around the world have been asking questions on social media about the tennis player’s disappearance, and the Chinese government has not been overly transparent.

Initially, the WTA allegedly wrote a letter Shuaialthough experts quickly dismissed this as unlikely that it was written by the person himself.

Meanwhile, Shen Shiwei, a Twitter journalist affiliated with the Chinese government, circulated images of Peng Shuai surrounded by plush toys and wished people a happy weekend on WeChat.

However, these images did little to silence the rumors: CNN explains that they were unable to verify the authenticity of the photos or the date they were taken.

Other international media also question the date of the pictures and do not consider them adequate “proof of life.”

“I find it hard to believe that Peng Shuai actually wrote the email we received and attributed to her,” said the WTA CEO. Steve Simon, the statement said.

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