New Lord of the Rings Rights Owner Teases Future Projects


The Lord of the Rings is a franchise powerhouse that’s about to get even bigger. With the success of Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power TV series, Embracer Group, the new owners of Middle Earth Enterprises have given the first hint of what they may have planned during a presentation earlier this week. .

Middle Earth Enterprises is the company that owns The Lord of the Rings, among other JRR Tolkien titles and characters, Sweden-based Embracer seeks to go beyond TV and movies and immerse itself in rides and theme park attractions. According to VarietyCEO Lars Wingefors declined to go into specific details, but revealed that he has been consulting with other film companies and business partners on how best to develop what he described as “world-leading fantasy IP.”

Embracer Group bought Middle Earth Enterprises for an undisclosed sum from previous owner Saul Zaentz Co. in October. Wingefors explained that while he’s only had the rights to the franchise for just a couple of months, he’s had plans from day one, though he left the details a mystery.

“We are taking perspective [of] a very long-term vision: how should we, together with other stakeholders, develop this world-leading fantasy IP in the future? Gaming [is] a part of her. But it’s too early to color our specific plans. I think we still have an open mind to… contribute to that. I think [there’s] also very interesting conversations about other media besides gaming related to that IP. But unfortunately, I have to tell you: stay tuned for the future.”

Over the past year, Embracer has embarked on an acquisition buying spree. He recently picked up some of the most iconic IP in entertainment, such as Dark Horse Comics, which published titles like The Mask in the 1990s, and related Stranger Things comics. They also acquired Anime Ltd, a UK-based distributor of Japanese entertainment including animation, music and merchandise, last November.

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