New Jersey high school football player Xavier McClain died after suffering a head injury in the middle of a game.

OROfficials said the talented New Jersey high school football player died Wednesday as a result of a head injury sustained during a game two weeks earlier.

Mayor of Linden Derek Armsteadclose friend McClain family, confirmed the untimely death of a 16-year-old Xavier McClaina sophomore at Linden High School.

Xavier McClain was injured during the game, then died

According to sources familiar with the situation, Xavier was injured during a game against Woodbridge on 9 September when he received a horrendous blow on a return kick early in the second half.

According to the publication, footage from the game shows how an ambulance pulls up to the side of the road after a devastating impact.

According to Armsteadwho attended the game McClain According to News12, he was in a coma at a university hospital for about two weeks.

“Together we prayed for a miracle and hoped for a different outcome. I believe God knows best.” Armstead wrote in a post on a social network.

“With your prayers, Xavier had a good fight. I ended up succumbing to injuries I got a couple of weeks ago while playing football during the LHS Tigers game against Woodbridge.”

“This news hurts because I knew his parents, Lisa as well as standardfor years Xavier as well as Andrew, their two sons since they were little boys. Unfortunately, their worst fears have come true.”

According to, the Superintendent’s email Thursday morning informed Linden School District employees of Xavierpassed.

According to the outlet, Xavier played at times as a freshman and was one of the few sophomores to earn a starting spot on the school’s varsity team.