New house decoration took 100,000, the living room bookcase wall is real

New house decoration took 100,000, the living room bookcase wall is real
New house decoration took 100,000, the living room bookcase wall is real

This is a photo of the living room that was more hard-mounted, without any effect. The decoration style is completely based on the soft outfit, as long as the match is perfect, the display effect, let’s see the effect of the soft outfit!

Let’s start with the living room. The living room is full of bookcases. These books have been moved from the old home. The living room did not have a TV wall, and a bookcase wall was hit so that her husband’s books could be put down. The living room design costs a lot of brain cells, especially the husband’s books, basically, the living room is full of bookcases that are really practical.

Next to the wall of the bookcase is the work area. There is an extra-long computer desk. My husband is used to using a desktop computer. I use a laptop. A hanging cabinet was made on top of the old common documents.

In fact, the working area is the most troublesome place because the wall has a deep groove, which is particularly ugly before making a bookcase. The husband said to make a single overall desk and bookcase, but the switch position was wasted. A large gap in the overall living room was ugly. Later, the designer gave a suggestion of a comparison number and made a hanging cabinet and an extra-long desk. This is both beautiful and practical. 

The dining area has a table for four and a deck, even if there are seven or eight people at home. There is a storage compartment in the corner, which can put some small bottles and jars in seasoning, which is convenient to use and looks convenient.

Looking at the restaurant area as a whole, the paintings just bought at the bazaar have n’t had time to hang. It is estimated that the restaurant will be more beautiful after being hung up. The living room sofa was moved from a relative’s house, and he only spent three days like the new one.

Looking out of the living room, the overall layout is beyond imagination, and it is also very practical. The restaurant area is placed at the entrance door. The restaurant area is flat-topped. In order to show

the effect of the living room, the living room is shorter than the dining room. The ceiling design is visually noble.

The handwashing area is placed outside, and the bath and toilet are placed inside. This design does not affect each other and solves the embarrassment of someone who can’t wash their hands in the toilet.

The kitchen is decorated in accordance with the standard of tooling, and an oil fume alarm device is installed, which can remind me whether there is too much oil fume in the kitchen. Anyway, this design is quite considerate, and I am also very touched.

The master bedroom has a double bed and full-body cabinets, and the whole house is pasted with soft wooden floors. I don’t know what netizens want to say after watching it? If friends in Shenzhen have old house renovations or new house renovations.


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