New homophobic tragedy in the US: Five dead and 18 injured after a shooting at a gay pub in Colorado


Five people have been killed in the early hours of this Saturday gay pub in Colorado Springs, one of the main cities of the state. Another 18 people have been injured in the mass shooting in the Club Qaccording to local police.

“They located an individual who we believe to be the suspect inside”, said Colorado Springs police lieutenant Pamela Castro. “At the moment, the suspect is being treated, but he is in custody,” she added.

The lieutenant has not clarified whether the suspect was included in the count of people who were injured in the shooting.

The police have not announced the specific reason for the shooting because the causes are being investigated. “We will be working here for many, many hours,” Castro asserted.

The police chief has told journalists that the number of victims “is subject to change as the investigation continues”, adding that ambulances and police had transported “numerous people” to hospitals.

Colorado Springs Fire Captain Mike Smaldino has assured that 11 ambulances responded to the scene after receiving multiple calls.

In a statement on social networks, the Club Q account has indicated that it was “devastated by the senseless attack on our community” and has offered his condolences to the victims and their families.

“We appreciate the quick reactions of the heroic customers who subdued the gunman and put an end to this hate attack”, the statement says.



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