New from Pull&Bear: metallic cargo pants that stylize all bodies


Carpenter trousers, in a clear allusion to the modern adaptation of classic carpenter trousers, is one of the fashions that has arrived in Spain to conquer women since a couple of years ago. Assuming you want one, nothing better than these cargo pants metallic from Pull&Bear.

The brand is the authentic ambassador of these pants in the country. It was one of the first brands to incorporate them into its catalog and now that most companies have at least a couple of models for each collection, its proposition continues to be among the best in terms of price/quality.

Here are metallic cargo pants, perfect for fall

They are perfect for the in-between seasons, both of them fall like spring, although you can also wear them during summer if you wear a coat that complements the fabric, made of premium cotton.

Its design in shiny fabric, with several pockets, waist with belt loops and button and zipper, It stands out compared to others because it is very practical to carry all kinds of valuable items that you need.

Of course, that silver tone will not go unnoticed under any circumstances, so our advice is to always accompany it with some t-shirt, T-shirt or even black fur and a sober shoe that lets it catch everyone’s eye. If you combine it with more glitter, prints or other disruptive options, it becomes a lot.

Maintenance of garments

Being a product that is out of the ordinary is indispensable clarify that it can be machine washed, as long as it is done at a maximum of 30°C and a short spin, no bleach or bleachwithout ironing or dry cleaning. But the good news is that you can use a dryer on a reduced temperature if you want to speed up the process.

New from Pull&Bear: metallic cargo pants that stylize all bodies

Sizes and price

This ppants you can buy it in different sizes, from 32 to 46so it is convenient to review the measurements that each of them has, to be sure that you take home the one that best fits your measurements.

As for the price, it is 35.99 euroswhich is not bad at all considering its undoubted versatility, what will make it accompany you in your suitcases on all your trips, because of how comfortable it is and the solutions it offers you.

If you’re looking for something autumnal, different and that will let you be the center of attention, this item has it all.


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