New defeat for Donald Trump, who today announces his candidacy: his ‘vice’ Kari Lake loses Arizona


A new nail in the grave donald trumpBut it’s Donald Trump. His potential vice president, the former presenter Kari Lake, has lost in Arizona, which aspired to govern. Trump announces this Tuesday his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States in a very different scenario than the one he projected seven days ago, before the midtermwhen he directed attention to this November 15: would make a “big announcement” from his residence in Florida, in Mar-a-Lago.

Legislative elections traditionally favor the opposition party. To this must be added that most of the Republicans in the running embrace the trumpismwhich means in the first place to deny the victory of Joe Biden in 2020. If the polls are added, which favored the conservatives, Trump’s euphoria is understood those seven days ago, when he saw in the elections a runway towards his return to the White House. Far from it, he is now the ‘father’ of the worst result in 20 years.

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Trump, wounded, also knows that he cannot yet focus on the race for power. There is a stone in his path called Ron DeSantisre-elected as Governor of Florida and hope for those who vote red but prefer to get rid of Trump. “I have only begun,” warned DeSantis, ready to challenge the tycoon for the Republican candidacy for the Presidency. And Trump, in his style, has already threatened him: he will reveal information about him that “only his wife knows.”

Ignore your advisers

The former president is nervous and even before revealing those secrets that he claims to know about DeSantis, he has lashed out at his fellow rank-and-file calling him “prudish” and “disloyal.” He considers him an “average governor” to whom he only recognizes as a virtue his “excellent skills for public relations”, something with which he slips, hides an empty speech.

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According to Washington PostInfluential conservatives blame Trump for the results, certain that numerous “perfectly winnable” seats have been lost due to the fact that eccentric and “low-quality” profiles have been put forward to fill them. This medium tells that Trump’s advisers have pressured him so that it is not this Tuesday when he announces his candidacy. But he was also advised not to attack DeSantis.

He’s started a war, and not just against DeSantis. These advisers tell him that he runs the risk of being seen as the past and as an angry and resentful man, unable to build, in front of a young politician, winner and unafraid to measure himself against Trump himself, who, barring breaking news, goes ahead. , committed to a second term if, in addition to everything, he is not previously disqualified by the serious and numerous crimes imputed to him.



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