New accusations of racism in Formula 1, this time against Aston Martin


BUT new case of discrimination in the world Formula 1 you showed up after an argument with Nelson Pique Sr.statements about Lewis Hamiltonnow there is another episode of racism.

In this case, this Aston Martin the team’s time to take center stage. One of their former employees claimed that he was the victim of both racist and homophobic slurs during his time on the team.

Aidan LoweA 25-year-old South African-born mixed-race man worked as a laminator and made parts for Sebastian Vettelcar.

In February, he joined the team as a contractor and soon after began to suffer from verbal abuse.

“I was not called Eidi or something like that, my name was [racially offensive slurs]” Lowe explained Sky Sports F1.

“Even before I entered my work environment, I was told, ‘Look, if you have a problem with the way we talk here, we just talk like that.’

However, it didn’t end there for the team member, and his personal life became a source of abuse from some colleagues.

“I told someone that I had a boyfriend as a teenager and that it was done, in that split second everything changed,” he continued.

“As soon as they found out about this piece of information, they tried to grab me to break me as a man, as a person and as a person.

“It should be a level playing field. It should be the only thing that gives everyone the opportunity.

“This is what they sold me as a child, this is what we sell to all children, but if it’s a lie, then what’s the point?”

Aston Martin statement on racism scandal

Aston Martin claim that LoweHis contract was terminated due to “poor performance” and “poor timekeeping”, and because it was unrelated to the discrimination he faced.

“We take any allegations of such unacceptable behavior seriously, including fully investigating such allegations and imposing sanctions on anyone who does not meet our standards,” Sky Sports F1 said in a statement.

“In this case, the whistleblower was rightly believed, his complaints were immediately addressed and appropriate sanctions were applied in accordance with our zero tolerance policy.”

From a tweet that Aston Martin explain the situation, it is clear that the two criminals no longer work as a team.

This event leads the way in the world of motorsport. last month, Red Bull reserve drivers Yuri Vips was fired after posting racist messages online.


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