Never grow up this winter with the OH MY CAFE collaboration with Peter Pan in Japan


Have you seen Neverland, but have you ever I ate it?

Are you a fan of Peter Pan? This winter season, OH MY CAFE locations in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya will be decorated in the style of Peter Pan. Branches in Osaka and Nagoya are open until 2 p.m January 29, 2023and the Tokyo location will be open until February 12, 2023. There’s plenty of food and merchandise to work with, so let’s get right to the nitty gritty.

A characteristic dish of the cooperating cafe is the so-called Let’s go to Neverland Curry, available for 2,048 yen ($15). The famous clock face from the Disney movie is molded from rice, and a small statue of Peter Pan appears to be flying in front of it. Inside the rice, vegetables are nestled, and a dark roux of curry surrounds the clock like the night sky.

Bell fans will want to pick up noodles with spinach sauce for 2,189 yen. On top of a generous serving of noodles and vegetables, there’s an adorable and jealous fairy character.

For a dish that is especially Instagram-worthy, go with tik tock sandwich with ham and egg for 2,189 yen. He looks like a crocodile chasing Captain Hook with a ticking clock. The green bread makes his crocodile mouth, the bacon his tongue, and the egg becomes a clock.

There are also fun themed drinks! is Peter Pan Blue Lemon Pumpkin and Captain Hook’s Cherry Soda for 1089 yen each.

One of the sweetest has to be Smee Soda Yogurt Smoothie for 1309 yen. It has blue and white stripes like the midfielder’s signature jersey.

Feeling romantic? Consider ordering kiss you! Yogurt (979 yen), a frozen yogurt dish that depicts the moment Wendy tries to kiss Peter.

The unique thing about this collaborative coffee shop is that all of the food follows Disney’s nutritional guidelines, so all menu items are relatively light on both sodium and carbs.

If you like cooperative cafes more commodity, you will also find it in the coffee shop. Here are some highlights.

▼ Peter Pan and Tinkerbell pillows (2750 yen)

▼ Masking tape (1,320 yen) and acrylic muddlers (1980 yen)

▼ Random acrylic standing figures (990 yen)

▼ Random Stickers (550 yen)key holders (715 yen)and mini acrylic figures (880 yen)

▼ Mobile phone stand (1650 yen)reusable shopping bag (2750 yen)

▼ Reusable pouch (1650 yen)lunch bag (2860 yen)

▼ Towel (1485 yen)

You can even grab a few freebies if you meet certain requirements! By pre-booking, you’ll receive one of three random placemats with your coffee order. Customers who purchase collaboration products for at least 3,500 yen will also receive one of two specially designed paper shopping bags.

So if you’re a Peter Pan fan and you happen to be in Japan, there’s no reason not to check out the OH MY CAFE locations in Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya! Just make sure your wallet is full – or not if you want to avoid temptation.

Source and images: PR times
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