Netflix’s Wednesday showrunners were surprised by a prominent character


With the release of Wednesday on Netflix, we’re introduced to a host of new characters as Wednesday Addams enrolls in the Nevermore Academy boarding school that seems to teach exclusively supernatural misfits. We also get to know all-new versions of the iconic Addams Family characters Gomez, Morticia, Pugsley, and Fester, along with an all-new version of Wednesday herself, played by Jenna Ortega.

However, when it comes to a standout character in the series’ first season, co-showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar have a bit of a surprising choice. However, if you’ve watched the new episodes, it’s easy to understand how this particular character became his favorite.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Netflix Wednesday. The entire first season is streaming now.

When asked which character surprised them, GameSpot wasn’t expecting their personal choice. “The character that, I think, we took a huge risk on, and I think it totally paid off is Thing,” said Millar, referring to the severed hand that has been a mainstay in Addams Family lore for decades. “I think Thing is like the secret weapon of the show. We had this idea that Thing would be the confidante on Wednesday, where you could get the feeling that only with Thing would she confess her true feelings or her true thoughts.”

Of course, it’s not just that the Thing is the only one Wednesday trusts, but this disembodied hand is the only conduit to show that she’s an emotional being and not just a deadpan gothic machine.

“I think one of the most emotional moments on the show was when he discovers the Thing impaled on the pillar in his bedroom,” Gough continued. This moment comes in episode 7, “If You Don’t Woe Me By Now”, when Wednesday returns to her room to discover the Thing stabbed into the palm of her hand. Wednesday is devastated to see her friend in that state and it only gets worse when she almost dies.

“The goal was for it to be as emotionally devastating to the audience as it was on Wednesday,” Gough said. “It’s the only real moment on the show where you see her upset, you see her cry and she’s shocked. She’s someone who’s not shocked by anything. That moment of finding him, the thought that she might lose him, it’s devastating. “.

In a season of television where Ortega mostly scowls through her scenes, embracing Wednesday’s dark side, it’s these moments that showcase the range of emotions the actress can imbue into her character. While early in the season, Wednesday tells the Thing that she’s more or less under her control by threat of death, a real threat to her friend is too much to handle.

That’s a lot of emotion to assign to a hand that’s mostly seen running around scenes with its fingers, helping Wednesday however it can. But, in the end, it works. The attack on the Thing is one of the most harrowing moments of Season 1. Fortunately, we know that the hand survives the attack and helps save the day in the Season 1 finale. Here’s hoping we get more Thing and Wednesday action in the Season 1 finale. season 2.

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