Netflix’s Most Entertaining Mix of Vampires and ‘Training Day’


Imagine a movie about vampires, for example Bladebut have action like John Wick and atmosphere Training day. And imagine, friend, that Jamie Foxmain character Pledgeagree to star in it (by hanging on the dashboard of a car, as in that, a photo of your object of desire, in this case, your daughter) along with another funny actor.

No, we didn’t go crazy because it could have been a conversation between two executives. Netflix before coffee (from Starbucks) and meeting of the day (in a large office building with minimal decor) give the go-ahead to the script Day shiftthe latest film with ambitions to compete for the attention of cinema audiences.

And it had to be because Day shift It premiered on Netflix, bringing together the usual noise in this kind of production. Producer JJ Perrythe film in which, in fact, they are filmed Jamie Fox D Dave Franco in the role of funny, it is based on the structure of a typical action film of colleagues, and suffers from the same shortcomings as most of the blockbusters of the streaming platform: perhaps an interesting proposal, but underdeveloped, some unfunny gags, and the general impression that this is a “pitch” that is somehow another studio or producer, guided by higher quality control, could certainly improve, perhaps by introducing some new concept or parallelism in the characterization of vampires.

However, despite the weariness of his ideas about the horror film, Day shift It works better as an urban action movie with a certain amount of black exploitation (there’s Snoop Dogg to prove it), and it’s generally true that one can see a significant improvement over most of these blockbusters on the platform. It is much better made than, for example, the most forgotten energy project (Previous Foxx for the platform) and in general, director JJ Perry uses every opportunity offered by the action scenes to show his origins, and forever: Perry is a stuntman and stunt double for 87 Eleven, a company of writers from John WickChad Stahelski (not coincidentally the producer of the present here) and David Leitch (now on account of the senior High-speed train), something that is greatly appreciated in each of the melee scenes, is really powerful and exciting.

There is, however, another reason to save from burning Day shiftapart from Netflix’s willingness to make those films that the studios have abandoned in theaters, and how well Perry understands one of the fundamental points of Michael Mann’s Bible in the aforementioned Pledge, starring Jamie Foxx. Because his film is also a guide to the most popular Los Angeles, in its mixture of palm trees and asphalt, glamor and crime, with the San Fernando Valley and, in particular, the Reseda district, reflected in all the glory of digital color. Something that certainly helps create an inviting summertime setting and adds a twist to a gothic vampire story.


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