Netflix Troll: Review and Finale Announced!


The Netflix Troll was released on December 1, 2022. After being imprisoned there for a millennium, something enormous emerges from the mountain at Dovre’s core.

The monster quickly reaches the Norwegian capital as it destroys everything in its path. But how do you put an end to something you believe is just Norwegian folklore?

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Netflix Troll Review


With her mother dying when she was a little girl and her father “crazy” and imprisoned for her beliefs, Nora experiences loss and pain throughout the film. Unlike most people who only see him as a potential weapon of mass destruction, he can relate to the Troll and understand his loneliness as a result.

The Prime Minister, unaware of the grave consequences of his decision, agrees to use a nuclear bomb to root out this “natural” entity.

This action movie is based on the light chemistry of Troll and Nora. In the movie, however, Nora, Tobias, Andreas and Kris showcase the good qualities of humanity by working with each other, “listening to their hearts” and believing in what they do.

Tobias’ death was forgotten until the very end, when Nora suggested renaming Trollstone in his honor. A deeper exploration of Rikard Sinding’s motivations for jailing Tobias and some friendly banter between the two characters could have been a welcome change of pace in this normally disconnected movie.

Instead, the movie makes the most of slow-motion action sequences and surreal soundscapes to create a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase movie like Jurassic Park.

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Netflix Troll End Announced


A huge ancient monster awakens near the Dovre Mountains in Hjerkinn, causing a catastrophic explosion and the deaths of several workers and activists in the all-new action-fantasy movie. Because of this, Nora begins to think that the tales of kings and trolls her father told her are true.

Nora’s father, Tobias Tidemann, is an expert on this subject. That’s why he asks for your opinion. Tobias recognizes the monster as a troll, a mythical creature they saw with his own eyes for the first time.

Tobias is well aware that, contrary to popular belief, trolls are not dangerous, and it only makes sense when the task force starts shooting at the beast. Tobias continues to bow to the Troll and chats with him, explaining that he was not there to hurt her.

The monster seems to understand this as he stops his movement. Troll is enraged when another task force member opens fire on him.

As Nora runs to her father, Tobias dies tragically after saying a series of words like “palace”, “king” and “home”.

The creature becomes enraged and looks like it’s about to burst into rage as its head falls out of his hand. Nora remembers a folktale in which her father told her that trolls had to turn to stone when exposed to direct sunlight to try to stop her.

With the support of Kaptein Kristoffer Holm’s task force, he sets up multiple lights and eventually stops the monster, preventing the government from firing the missile. When Nora realizes that the creature cannot withstand the power of the lights, she runs to turn the lights off.

Fortunately, the sun soon rises and when it hits the creature’s flesh it turns into stone, taking the shape of a mountain.

At the emotional end of the story, Nora honors her father by naming the newly formed mountain “Tobias Boulder”.


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