Netflix accused of poor working conditions, two died while filming The Chosen One


Jjust like it happened on the set’Rust with Alec Baldwin, Netflix accused of malpractice for offering poor working conditions to actors. Last Thursday, the accident happened in Mulega, in the south of Baja California. film production company Redram was hired Netflix take care of production’SelectedTV series that tells about the life of the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

While they were driving to the filming location in an old white van, the car had an accident in which the actors Paco Mufote and Raimundo Garduo tragically passed away. Six other people, who were also riding in an overcrowded van, were injured. This news hit a nerve Baja California film industry that has been around for decades.

Netflix is ​​in the blood.

After the tragedy occurred, countless people associated with the local film industry began to condemn Netflix for abuse of office. They claim that the company is looking for less powerful manufacturing companies through outsourcing to save money. As a result of tragedies like this and more high-profile death in the set ‘rust‘ will definitely happen.

Baja California director Rick Zazueta posted a long explanation on his Facebook account which was made public. He blames the producer Stacy Perky and director of The Chosen One Everardo Gout for tragedy. Zazueta also states that Netflix is ​​just as responsible for these tragic deaths as they are.

The production of “The Chosen One” has been suspended.

The main problem with Netflix is that they decided to bypass the syndicate of Mexican actors known as GO to save money. Instead of doing everything by the rules, they tried to use these shortcuts, which, unfortunately, ended in these deaths. Countless memorabilia articles about both actors can be found on social media, they were important contributors to the Baja California film industry.

Netflix haven’t commented on it yet, they still haven’t made any public statements about it. Production on the series has been suspended until further notice, and the condition of the others affected is stable.


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