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In Hollywood, everything runs in the family.

With the appearance of stars like “the euphoria” maude apatow Y “The Golden Age” Louisa Jacobson, the conversation around “nepo babies” has become all the rage on social media as fans discover their favorite rising stars have celebrity lineages.

“Nepo babies,” short for nepotism or the practice of favoring friends and family for jobs, has gained traction among social media users, who have used the term with fascination and revulsion after learning that rising stars could having had a helping hand to enter show business.

Apatow, 24, said in a Porter interview published in September that at first, she found the “nepo baby” label “sad” because people were judging her off of her talent.

I try not to let it get to me because I obviously understand that I’m in such a lucky position. A lot of people (in a similar position) have proven themselves over the years, so I have to go ahead and do a good job,” he said. “It’s very early in my career, I don’t have much to show for it yet, but I hope one day I’ll be really proud of the things I’ve done for myself.”

He also shared that his father Judd Apatow “always reads what I write, but I have to be at a certain point. I’ll wait until it’s almost finished and then I’ll get notes from him. I’m angry because he’ll come up with a better idea, but it’s a great help. My mom too.”

Maude Apatow as a young actress in her father’s film Judd Apatow

Taking advice from an Emmy winner…


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