Neither Trump nor Biden won ‘midterms’: Democrats and Republicans face challenge to renew leadership


Victory and defeat must be measured against the size of the opponent.Republicans root themselves in medium term Last Tuesday with clear intentions a blow to their Democratic opponents Especially a Biden administration.If legislative elections always bring punishment to the ruling party – in the past forty-five years, only George W. Bush (2002) successfully regained his party’s majority in both houses of Congress — especially with Biden’s management of the pandemic, the economy and a busy foreign policy, all of which have a strong referendum atmosphere.

With the president’s approval rating just over 40 percent, the chances of securing a House majority and gaining control of the Senate seem ideal just two years after Democrats secured a very tight majority.Although The counting process is long and tortuous and can make hasty judgments, we know this is the final blow to the presidency Joe Biden Being old, visibly tired, and involved in too many internal and external struggles, this is not going to happen.

Although the House of Representatives will have a Republican majority, Whether it will be enough to confront Biden’s policies head-on remains to be seen. The problem is with the GOP at home: Trump, through his MAGA campaign, is determined to confront “Good” Republicans – the more than two hundred deniers who received agency positions in these elections – and “bad guy”nominal republicanas he put it, sharing has always marked the party’s conservative values, They renounce conspiracy and messianism.

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This internal confrontation is undoubtedly drive down your real options There is no place to see this more clearly in these elections than in the Senate, and while the GOP still has a chance to turn things around, for now the only thing we know for sure about 2020, despite opponents’ weaknesses, They lost a seat: Philadelphia, where doctors Muhammad Oz He couldn’t repeat Pat Toomey’s victory in the first two conference calls. All this, despite his opponents in the polls, John Feltmanis still recovering from his stroke in May this year.

Wisconsin, Building Comeback Stones

Öz is a good example of this Republican-based Populism and the Cult of Personality. Oz is a cardiologist of Turkish descent because of his The Oprah Winfrey Show, sparked a variety of treatments that flirted with pseudoscience. While he wasn’t Trump’s candidate for the job at first — veteran Sean Parnell was — it didn’t take long for the former president to make a case for who he was. With Trump’s support, Oz won the primary this summerbut he can’t beat Feltman, and his defeat could cost Republicans their majority.

A young woman votes in the US midterm elections.

For now, the majority depends on whether they can win two of three undecided elections on Wednesday. Senator Ron Johnson’s victory in Wisconsinbefore Democratic nominee Mandela Barnes, give Republicans a bit of air who are having such a bad time in the “Steel Belt” states for their 2020 election appointments when everyone is in an eternal reset Escaped by a few tenths in the vote count.

Ron Johnson has an odd political relationship with Trump. On the one hand, he has always wanted to distance himself from the former president.On the other hand, his name unexpectedly appeared in Parliamentary inquiry into attempted coup on 6 January, as the author of several text messages, proposed that Trump’s lawyers send a bunch of fake voters so that Vice President Pence would have to declare the results invalid in his state. When asked about it, Johnson has been recusing himself. He’s not a tough MAGA, as the failure of all three could save the Senate for Democrats.

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gate or infirmary

If Wisconsin beats the GOP, the other three races now seem unpredictable.In fact, at this point, the only thing we can almost be sure of is that will repeat itself in Georgiabecause unless a miracle occurs, neither Democratic Senator Rafael Warnock nor Republican candidate Herschel Walker can reach the 50 percent required by election law to pick a winner in the first round. This has already happened in 2020 In fact, it’s the key to Democrats regaining the Senate after a six-year Republican majority.

Former professional footballer Walker is a big Trump fan, but his choice has proven ill-advised. Although his size is popular due to his past as an athlete, Walker squandered a huge lead in the polls. scandals with different women People who claim he’s asking them to have abortions…in public, he’s identified himself as one of the greatest defenders of the anti-abortion laws recently approved by the Supreme Court.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump at a rally in Dayton, Ohio, on Monday.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump at a rally in Dayton, Ohio, on Monday.

Galen Morse


Another Trump advocate is Adam Laxott. Laxalter, who has described the Democratic Party as a “radical left party” and has expressed an interest in sending the left “to the landfill of history,” with Trump’s backing, was the first Republican in Nevada. Pick to win. Even if Trump loses the state in 2020, the polls make Laxalter the winner. With 80 percent of the votes counted, he holds a roughly 20,000-vote advantage over Senator Cortez Masto. The problem for Republicans is that they have yet to overturn mail-in voting, which is expected to be overwhelmingly Democratic, especially in the Las Vegas area.

for bureaucratic reasonsAny vote before election day is accepted-, until Friday, we don’t know who wins in Nevada. Following Oz’s defeat to Walker’s draw, the MAGA movement will need a quick victory if they are to maintain their supremacy for the remainder of the game. On the other hand, a win could also get you the Black Masters in Arizona, although it won’t be easy either.

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Arizona, ‘Trumpism’ has become a church

If there is a state can give an example GOP turns to uncritical Trumpismthat’s Arizona, where John McCain He served as a senator from 1987 until his death in 2018.McCain, 2008 presidential candidate against Barack Obama, because of his mildness and his past as a veteran, he was a man loved and respected. All of this was brought to the ground by Donald Trump in a series of unusually brutal attacks that completely divided Arizona’s Republican Party, perhaps costing him the state in the 2020 presidential election.

The Arizona Republican Party is completely controlled by Trump and the MAGA movement.surprising choice Lake CaryTV journalist with ties to the Democratic Party, as gubernatorial candidate, accompanied the victory of Blake Masters in the Senate primary, a non-political The experienced young businessman, of course, has no problem repeating that the 2020 election was a “robbery”. Masters, a collaborator of tycoon Peter Thiel and co-founder of companies including PayPal, is about 90,000 votes behind Senator Mark Kelly, or 68 percent.

All in all, the trend of lowering dominance from the start of the count suggests that he can end dominance with a variety of options. Again, as we said in Laxalt’s case, this is a necessary victory for the MAGA movement.Imagine what it would mean for Trump if they were Its four candidates are to blame for the GOP’s defeat in the Senate… Two years later, his presence on the ballot caused the Democratic Party to change hands.

A grim future for both leaders

The fact that Trump has been talking about looting and conspiracy for two years, as we say, by repeating his lies, he controlled the more than 200 public representatives elected in these elections cannot hide the fact that in 2020, since Trump lost 7 million votes and suffered the worst Electoral College loss for a sitting president since George H. Bush in 1992. Without that, it is incomprehensible that the GOP also lost both houses of Congress.

It’s still odd that grassroots and most federal organizations have decided to entrust themselves to Trump and MAGA to fix their own mess. Now, once the resources for tantrums run out, results are needed. If the reward of so much sectarianism is a narrow victory in the House and a defeat in the Senate, Ron DeSantis can now prepare for 2024 candidacy Because, without a doubt, you will have options. And it’s serious.

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The same goes for Joe Biden and the Democrats. The leadership crisis is hugeWhether it’s Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, or the new Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro, someone has to stand up to a wayward leader whose best years are behind him.You can’t live with constant miracles, what are these mid-term, It cannot be considered a victory under any circumstances, if not a disaster.



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