Neil Patrick Harris under fire for resurfacing Halloween photo of Amy Winehouse with corpse pie


BUTactor Neil Patrick Harris was recently under scrutiny on social media after a photo surfaced from a party he hosted in 2011 during a Halloween party where he ate cake in honor of the singer. Amy Winehouse who had died a few months earlier.

Internet remembers

Neil Patrick Harris had a Halloween party 11 years ago where he had a cake with “Amy Winehouse’s corpse” written on it, there was a photo that was immediately deleted but has now resurfaced.

The photo was posted by the user Justin Mikitta, where there was a corpse that looked like a recently deceased soul singer, where she appeared decomposed and with her mouth open.

When the photo resurfaced online, it quickly went viral.

A writer named Ashley Reed posted a screenshot of the tweet before it was deleted, and it instantly went viral. disgust Amy Winehouse cake

“Yes, Neil Patrick Harris literally had a cake imitating the corpse of Amy Winehouse for Halloween shortly after her death. Since then, I hate this man,” she continued on Twitter.

Amy Winehouse cakeJustin Mikita – Twitter

Twitter was full of opinions

“Yeah, I had no idea he did this grotesque thing until the other day and I just don’t respect the man anymore.” User commented

Another added: “It is high time for society to discuss how Amy Winehouse was treated in the early 2000s and 2010s by the celebrity misogynistic media machine and the people who were its captive audience. corpse pie is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The cake critic also weighed in: “What’s wrong with Neil Patrick Harris?

It’s so unsettling”, “I can no longer enjoy @netflix’s ‘A Series of Accidents’ and any of its future projects because I just found out that Neil Patrick Harris ordered an Amy Winehouse corpse cake for a Halloween party. inhuman behavior.”

It set fire to Reddit

Immediately after that, the photo hit Reddit, and users did not hesitate to express their disapproval of the actor’s choice of dessert, they even created a subreddit about it.

There was another Reddit user who wrote: “What, I didn’t expect the cake to be so graphic, it is so painful.” Another Reddit user chimed in, “WOW. This is so wildly inappropriate. My jaw dropped.”

“What the hell really!? I can’t believe I had no idea and I LOVE celebrity gossip. This is absolutely disgusting, ”said the user. “I literally feel sick after watching. So wrong and tasteless,” commented another.


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