Need to make a great gift for kings? With this Sfera bag you will succeed and at a super cheap price


Bags are one of the essential accessories at this time of year when the temperature drops while the events we have to attend at night multiply, especially during the holidays. With Sfera bag you will succeed and at a super cheap price.

Is he baguette snake color que will solve the selection of accessories more than once. It’s that to some exits you can’t go with an everyday bag, not even one that’s too impressive. It needs to be minimalistic yet striking, and this product fulfills exactly these two key characteristics.

With the Sfera bag you will succeed

Ideal option for the end of the year

In our opinion, this sphere option is an item that is perfect for those long year-end meetings, evening gatherings where we are expected to try to attract attention with clothes and accessories.

For this purpose two-tone baguette bag with print It will not leave indifferent anyone who sees you arrive. You will immediately stand out from the crowd, especially if you combine it with a dress that accentuates its qualities.

A strong point of this bag with a classic hook-and-eye closure is that you can wear it with a simple, formal dress, as well as a dress that is also patterned, suggestive, pushing your commitment to a daring style to the utmost.

Materials and sizes

Made entirely of synthetic materials, ensuring its maximum resistance to the passage of time, the durability of this bag will be enhanced if you follow the care that own company Sfera provides during use. Since it is made from specially recycled materials, we can say that it is also durable.

Need to make a great gift for kings?  With this Sfera bag you will succeed and at a super cheap price

When buying it, remember that there is only one size, M, with adequate dimensions of 14 x 30 centimeters. You can store all your valuables in it, such as your mobile phone, house or car keys and more.

Price, shipping and returns

The the price of the two-tone baguette bag of this well-known brand is 25.99 euros, no more, no less. We believe that it is a cost in line with the quality it has, and a value within the reach of the vast majority.

Another good news is that you will be able to buy it without having to pay any kind of shipping when you pick it up in the store. You have to pay 3.95 euros to get it at home, or make a purchase that exceeds 50 euros in total.

Finally, returns are completely free in Sfera stores and El Corte Inglés points of sale.


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