NBA warns of number of games missed by superstars


For NBA Commissioner Adam Silverarbitration dispute between Philadelphia 76ers and Australian point guard Ben Simmonsbesides not having anything to say at Wednesday’s press conference, it’s not a problem that keeps him up at night, like the constant lack of star players in various NBA games, which doesn’t satisfy him.

Words by Adam Silver

“I’m not standing here and saying I have a great solution,” Silver said in the news following this week’s Board of Governors meeting. “Part of the problem is injuries.. One of the things we’ve been focusing on in the league office and that we’re spending on, we started putting a lot of time into before the pandemic, is there anything we can do in terms of sharing information, league resources to improve best practices, rehab?

Regarding Silver, among the best practices he mentioned were the incentives that were put in place during the regular season, the main one being play-in tournamentwhich was introduced as an alternative measure during the suspension of the 2020 season due to COVID-19 pandemic and which, according to him, will remain here.

Satisfied with the gaming tournament

“Another way we can achieve this, in terms of player participation, is by creating other incentives. I thought the play-in tournament was the start of creating new incentives for teams to stay competitive and fight for a place in the playoffs. maybe through seasonal tournaments and changes in the format where we can achieve that.”

Another likely solution for Silver would be to reduce the number of regular season games as he believes that 82 games each team plays too much.

“I also said before that if we have too many games, we should pay attention to that too,” Silver said. “It’s something when we sit down and look at new media deals and look at the new collective bargaining agreement that we’ll be looking into.”


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