NBA Playoffs: Maxi takes center stage in 76ers win over Raptors in Game 1


B.before Philadelphia 76ers When the NBA playoffs began on Saturday, everyone was betting that Joel Embiid or James Harden would lead the team. But the man with other plans was Tyrese Maxey, who scored a season-high 38 points in Game 1 this Saturday. He was completely unusable against Toronto, but the two top stars also put on a solid performance and finished Game 1 with a comfortable 20-point lead. Maxi’s repertoire included all sorts of variations, from three-pointers to spectacular dunks. Despite the fact that Joel Embid failed to score too many points (19), but grabbed 15 rebounds throughout the game.

This contribution allowed players like Maxi and Harden to score more points for these defensive interventions. Today, everything was decided on a team result, not on an individual performance, and Embiid was well aware of this. The Toronto Raptors had a very unfortunate injury that resulted in Embiid falling on the ankle of Scotty Barnes, the Toronto player had to be pulled from the game. In the same action, immediately after the injury, Fred VanVliet was out of the game with 6 fouls and a personal one. It just wasn’t the right night for the Toronto Raptors at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

James Harden is fully adapted for Philadelphia.

We also have to give credit to James Harden for how quickly I was able to adapt to the 76ers. He only scored 22 points but offered 14 cents for all four quarters. With such a game, Philadelphia has every chance to go far in the playoffs. Maxi was just the latest addition to an already impressive roster led by two of the NBA’s biggest stars today. Game 2 will also take place in Philadelphia next Monday before heading to Toronto for Game 3 on Wednesday.


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