NBA picks Bulls and Heat draft to sign Lonzo and Lowry


Chicago bulls and Miami Heat were punished Nba for breaking the rules of a free agency when they negotiated Lonzo Ball and Kyle Lowry illegal. After months of investigating these two specific cases, the league announced that it was removing the following Project elections for both teams because of this rule violation. When they announced the signing of both contracts, the deals happened suspiciously fast, and it sparked a request in the league. As a result, the punishment was made public today and both teams reacted differently. ESPN broke history first.

In the announcement from Nba, the reasons and details were crystal clear in their official press release: ” Nba announced today that Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat They each violated league rules governing free agency discussions this season, and that the league ordered that the next available pick in the second round of each team be canceled. These definitions follow investigations into free agency discussions by Bulls relatively Lonzo Ball and warmth towards Kyle Lowry… “

Heat disagrees, while the Bulls agree.

After this shocking announcement Miami Heat responded with a short statement that read: “Although we disagree, we make the league’s decision. We continue our season, ”reads a statement posted across all forums. Miami Heat social media platforms. but Chicago bulls took a more Zen approach to this decision, stating the following: “The Chicago Bulls fully cooperated with the league in its investigation. We are delighted that this process is over and we look forward to the rest of our season. ”

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