NBA Gameplay: What Should the Spurs Do to Send the Lakers to Hell?


TThe final week of the NBA regular season began with a high probability that Los Angeles Lakers can’t if they want to make the play-in, as they are two games behind San Antonio Spurs there are only four games left to play in the Western Conference standings.

The Lakers are playing their worst basketball of the year at exactly the worst time of the year, as they are on a six-game losing streak and need to keep losing if they want to have any hope, however faint, of failing. one of the biggest failures of the season in NBA history.

The fiasco of the Lakers season

After acquisition in free agency Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony among other things, Los Angeles was considered the favorite of many to at least represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals, however, not only is it almost a fact that they will not live up to those expectations, but everything seems to indicate that they will not able to even reach the playoffs, that is, not even get into the top 10 of the 15 teams that make up this sector.

On the other side of history Gregg PopovichThe Spurs, who snapped an impressive 22-season playoff streak two years ago, lead the game in wins as the manager went two campaigns without an extra game, something he has never done since his full-time commitment to team command. in 1997.

Western Conference Scenarios

Since San Antonio has a tiebreaker against Los Angeles in their favor, the scenario is simple: the Lakers must win three more games than the Spurs this week to qualify for the playoffs, that is, if the South California will go undefeated, the Texas team needs two wins if LeBron Jamesthe team wins three out of four, Dejont Murraya team needs one win if the team that shares the most NBA championships with Boston Celtics win two or fewer games, history is over for them this season.

Lakers remaining games

Tuesday, April 5 — @ Phoenix Suns

Thursday, April 7 — @ Golden State Warriors

Friday, April 8 – vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Sunday April 10th @ Denver Nuggets

Remaining Spurs games

Tuesday, April 5 — @ Denver Nuggets

Thursday, April 7 – @ Minnesota Timberwolves

Saturday, April 9-Sun. Golden State Warriors

Sunday, April 10 — @ Dallas Mavericks


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