NBA Finals: Warriors chant ‘F**k you Draymond’ in Boston Celtics locker room


Draymond Green will have a funny story to tell your grandchildren after NBA Finals win at TD Garden last Thursday. He had a constant feud with all the Boston Celtics fans, who are considered the most hostile in the NBA. In fact, this place is notorious for being the hardest place to win due to how aggressive the fans can be.

At the entrance, they even handed out badges saying “Fuck you Draymond” or “Aisha Curry can’t cook.” They just don’t care who they hunt, Boston Celtics fans will do everything in their power to help their team win. But both Green and Aisha Curry had the last laugh in the Garden last night. They also enjoyed a lot.

For comparison, this place could be considered the stadium of Maracanã in Brazil. Where only once in history they lost the final, and recently lost again. Boston only lost Lakers Magic Johnson back in the 80s, and the Warriors did it a second time.

Draymond Green became Public Enemy #1 after responding to insults earlier in the series. The Warriors ridiculed these insults by chanting “F**k you Draymond” loud and clear as champagne poured out in Boston’s dressing rooms. All the Celtics fans must have been outraged by this, but they also asked for it, they won’t lose sleep over it either.

Fireworks explode over the Chase Center as fans celebrate Warriors victory

Aisha Curry also gets revenge.

Boston Celtics fans also spoke to Aisha Curry. Stephen Curry defended her immediately after Game 5 of the series by wearing a T-shirt that read “Aisha Curry Can Cook”. It was a response to all the “Ayesha Curry can’t cook” chants and social media abuse she’d received.

Stephen Curry’s wife even posted photos of the photos we were talking about, she loved putting them up and getting the last laugh we were talking about. But make no mistake, Boston Celtics fans will doubt it and be ready for the Warriors to visit the Garden again.


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